Dedicated to the Mamas – You Are Not Alone!

To all the Mamas who are still co-sleeping with their 2 year old, who can’t get their kid to eat their fruits and veggies, who’s house is always a hot mess, and who feel like they are failing as a mother or not living up to the “standards” of the moms who “got it all together.” To the Mama experiencing postpartum depression, who feels alone and no one understands her. To the Mama who works and misses the mile stones her babe is achieving. You are not alone!

As women we could be really hard on ourselves. We could pick apart every little thing and compare it to a standard in our head that we aren’t living up to; a standard we have either defined for ourselves or subconsciously has been defined by the world. We are our biggest critic, can be our biggest hater, and lead ourselves to failure. But you know what, forget all of that! IT IS TOTALLY OKAY!

So what if our house isn’t clean everyday, our kids are still wearing their pjs from this morning. Who cares if all you had today is coffee, and there is still a huge to-do list to tackle. That is totally mom life! Even the most perfect mamas experience chaos. That is what I love about Mommyhood, no matter what level you are on the spectrum, we all can relate to one another.

Being a mom means our lives are busy. We are constantly having to keep up with our growing kids and our needs get put aside because we have little humans depending on us, and NEED us. We are a light source to our family, constantly pushing them towards the best versions they can be. That is amazing! AND you know what?!


Everything inside you was put there for a reason. You have the strength, ability, and patience to get through what may seem impossible most days. Whenever you are feeling discouraged, remember mama, you are not alone! You can do this, and there is a whole mama tribe who has your back when you feel like you can’t.

Don’t feel like you have a mama tribe? Get proactive! There are tons of FB groups online for you to join. You can ask questions, find people in your area, and overall find comfort in knowing there are moms who will chat with you about whatever it is you are going through and RELATE! There are local communities in your area where you can meet moms! The library is an amazing source, they have story time for your babes, and moms who bring them; your kids now have besties! Most churches have mom groups, where you can meet different moms from different walks of life and find support, love, and most of all women who will pray with you. We control who we let in our life, but we have to be bold, step out in faith, and create opportunity for ourselves. That goes for everything in life, and is amazing lesson for our kids.

My Mama Tribe♥

Praying for you mama, sending only positive vibes your way.

Below I’ve listed a few resources where you can find that mama tribe you have been missing. If you already have one, why not have more?!

Let me know if these resources have helped you & I’d loved to hear the tribes you are apart of!

Tubby Todd Mamas

Breastfeeding Support Group

Mint & Birch Sisterhood Village


  1. Raven on August 8, 2018 at 7:42 pm

    I love this. As mothers we often look at other moms and feel we need to be more like them because we “think” they have it all together when in reality we are all losing our mind. This post makes me feel so much better about my dirty house and long list of to-do. Thank you

  2. Jana Goodlife on August 8, 2018 at 8:06 pm

    Amen to this! I used to suffer from mom guilt for not being able to have it all together. Now, I’ve let that go and my mom tribe was the catalyst to that.

  3. Kesi on August 8, 2018 at 8:07 pm

    Great and encouraging post.. Being a mom is HARD WORK! and can some times feel overwhelming.. especially when you feel like you have no one to lean on! But it is also one of the best things I have gotten the privilege to do/be! We got this! Also, you have some very beautiful children <3

  4. Cindy on August 8, 2018 at 8:32 pm

    Great advice! It’s important for mom’s to cut themselves some slack sometimes! Thanks for the reminder!

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